5 Tricks That Can Help Women Look Slimmer in 2 Minutes

It is not always possible to stay in perfect shape. But we’ve all been through situations where we need to look beautiful and we only have a few minutes to do so.

For those occasions, It has put together the most effective tricks that will help you look brilliant almost instantly.

What to wear to make you look slimmer?

5. Choose Comfortable Footwear

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To make your legs longer and your body slimmer, you should wear shoes the same color as your skin. Therefore, beige, nude, brown, or the color closest to the color of your legs will lengthen your appearance.

If you are wearing pants or leggings, choose shoes in a similar color to the one you are wearing. This trick works because it visually increases the length of your legs and you will appear a few inches taller.

It’s also a good idea to avoid shoes with ankle straps or zippers, as they make your legs appear shorter than they actually are.

4. Get Rid of Clothes That Are Too Small or Too Big

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Do not buy things smaller or larger. These clothes will only highlight your flaws and add a few pounds visually. Your outfit should fit well and highlight what you want, while hiding any flaws.

3. Learn Basic Contouring Techniques

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Contouring makes your face narrower and can even hide a double chin. You just need to learn how to correctly use dark and light shades.

The main rule to remember is to darken everything you want to hide and brighten everything you want to highlight.

It is also important to remember the order of application. First, use a highlighter and then apply the darker shades. Of course, do not forget that the edges must be invisible. Apply bright makeup with caution. For example, red lipstick highlights the chin and jaw lines.

2. Consult Your Hairdresser

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Voluminous and puffy hairstyles can throw your look out of balance. She prefers medium length haircuts or shoulder length locks.

Short haircuts look good when the neck is hidden under the hair and the hair near the ears is slightly elongated. It is also recommended to avoid little “creative” hairstyles.

Long straight hair does not usually go with chubby girls. These hairstyles emphasize problem areas. If you can’t get your long hair down, try adding some volume to the hair above the shoulders.

1. Use Shapewear

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Shapewear can help you look slimmer and fit as it gives women the opportunity to look great in just about anything they want.

In addition, it is useful not only for overweight women but also for women who want to hide cellulite or wrinkles in the belly and hip area. But don’t use it too often; wear shapewear only for special occasions.

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