How to Apply Eyeliner for Your Specific Eye Shape

The eyes are the most effective weapon of flirtation and attraction, but each eye shape requires an individual makeup technique. Make your eyes a little brighter and all the men you meet will remember you for a long time!

We wants to share a little guide to help you design the perfect arrows according to the shape of your eye.

Almond-shaped eyes

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How do you know if you have almond eyes? The inner and outer corners of the eyes are at the same level and the distance between the inner corners is equal to the length of one eye.

To draw attention to the beautiful shape of your eyes, start drawing a thin line on the upper eyelid from the inner corner. Extend the line to the outer corner, but don’t draw it further. This technique makes the eyes appear wider and more expressive.

Hooded eyes

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In that case, the excess skin hanging from the upper lids makes the eyes appear smaller. Therefore, you must add as much volume as possible to your lashes.

The wide arrows that cover the entire upper lash line are ideal for this eye shape. Another trick: use the darkest eyeliner you can find.

Wide-set eyes

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If the distance between your eyes is greater than the width of an eye, you have big eyes.

To make your eyes look a little closer, draw an arrow from the inner corner to the outer corner. Next, draw a line on the lower eyelid starting from the middle of the eye, but not beyond the outer corner. Also, when applying mascara on your lashes, brush them towards the bridge of your nose.

Large eyes

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Big (round) eyes are quite expressive, so all you need to do is make them a little longer.

Applying the eyeliner to the upper eyelid, draw an arrow about a centimeter past the outer corner. By the way, “smoky eyes” is an ideal makeup technique for this eye shape.

Elongated eyes

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Elongated eyes are considered incredibly sexy, but you need to apply the eyeliner very carefully to prevent it from looking narrow. To make them look bigger and brighter, draw an arrow slightly away from the lash line and shade gently.

Outline the thin strip of skin between the eyes and lashes with a white pencil. Then use a black pencil to emphasize the upper eyelid, thickening the central part of the arrow.

Close-set eyes

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If the distance between your eyes is less than the width of an eye, your eyes are closed. In that case, the main goal is to make your eyes look wider.

You should make a gradation from light to dark tones at the outer corners of the eyes. Move a bit away from the inner corner and start drawing an arrow. The point of the arrow should be outside the outer corner and slightly raised.

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