4 Fashion Mistakes We All Make

You can go to the gym all the time, eat only green apples, run every morning, and end up with the figure of your dreams… but then you can ruin it all by choosing the wrong clothes. Alternatively, there will be no shortage of imperfections that can be easily hidden by choosing the right clothes.

At Here Were we’ve put together a selection of highly effective tips to help you look healthier in just two minutes while choosing the right clothes to wear.

4. Large squares

Clothes with a large checkered pattern can completely ruin your figure. They look elegant but give the impression that you are several inches wider in the hips. Instead, opt for designs with neutral prints or just plain colors.

If you really love checkered designs and can’t imagine your wardrobe without them, choose pieces with small squares instead of large ones.

3. Horizontal prints

Horizontal prints give the impression of a much larger figure than you actually have. But if you love striped clothes, don’t despair. Just change the direction: vertical stripes do the opposite, making you look taller and slimmer. Alternatively, you can always opt for a classic combination of clothes in different colors.

2. A boat neckline

A boat neckline on a dress can make you look much fatter than you really are, while a low-cut V-neckline can make you look really elegant. Remember how we advised you to avoid clothes with extra folds? Pay attention to how much wider the waist appears in the image on the left here.

1. Wide horizontal stripes

The only thing worse than horizontal stripes on clothes are wide, bright horizontal stripes. The type of skirt we see in the image on the left is the best look… if your goal is to transform a sleek figure into a shapeless jacket.

A monochromatic dress, with a tiny print and a wide black belt at the waist, will highlight your best features and make you look much slimmer.

Bonus: perfect jeans

To choose the perfect jeans, you should keep a few things in mind:

  • There is a perfect cut for every body type.
  • Choose a size smaller than you feel comfortable in the store. Otherwise, the jeans will stretch and ruin the look.
  • Dark colors will always look more sophisticated and open up more clothing options.
  • Check the seams, pockets, and fabric elasticity, even if you buy from a luxury store.
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