5 Everyday Beauty Procedures That Only Real Pros Know How to Do Correctly

We all learn to take care of our appearance and basic hygiene in childhood, but there are some mistakes we didn’t know we were making before we became aware of them. Even carefully reading the instructions will not always save you from errors that occur because “everyone does it” or because “it is done like that in the advertisement”.

Here at Herewere, we’ve found some common beauty mistakes that only lead to disappointment, along with 11 quick ways to start doing things right without trying too hard.

1. Not damaging your nails while filing them

Do not file your nails from side to side as this can damage them. Instead, go from the corner to the center. And don’t be in a hurry: filing too fast makes it harder to get the shape you want because you can remove too much of the nail too quickly.

2. Finding the perfect color match

Let’s start with choosing the right shade in cream. Many people blame themselves for trying it on their wrists and end up with a shade darker than their face. The most effective way to buy a cream that matches your skin color is to try it on your neck.

3. Saving your skin from damage

Let’s be honest, you probably use a cotton swab to remove makeup every day. The skin on your face, especially the area around your eyes, is extremely sensitive and you are doing more harm than good when you rub your face hard. Try patting instead, your skin will thank you.

4. Preventing ingrown toenails

Even if you don’t have enough time for a pedicure, you still need to trim your toenails. To get it right, don’t round your toenails, just cut them straight. Since round toenails are more likely to grow into the skin instead of growing forward as they should, this simple change can save you a lot of trouble.

5. Painting your nails like a pro

To paint your nails perfectly without having to go to the salon, instead of painting your nails in 3 passes, try starting at the tip. After that draw a dot in the middle and push it toward the cuticle. Slide the brush out and move it toward the tip of the nail.

Repeat the movement from the cuticle to the tip on the other side. Finish the nail going from the first point where you started to the tip. And voilà, you painted your nails perfectly!

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