5 Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyelids

Hooded eyes have always been a huge issue when it comes to makeup looks. As the extra skin covers the entire eyelid, the work we do simply disappears behind it, often giving the impression that there is no makeup on. Despite this, tips and tricks still exist.

1. Apply eyeshadow past your crease

As everything we apply on the eyelid will disappear, a makeup tip for droopy eyes is to apply the shadow a little higher, maybe even close to the eyebrow. By doing this, the shadow will still show up when you look straight ahead without any problem. Just mix it up and the payoff will be great! You can do this not only with eyeshadow but with any makeup product intended for the eyes (eyeliner, glitter, etc.).

2. Create your own crease

Hooded eyelid makeup involves having your actual crease hidden behind a few extra folds of skin, so why not create a new one? You can create a new crease with makeup like this: Over the shadow, apply concealer over the crease (following the shape of the eye), to give the illusion that the natural crease is higher than it really is. That way, it will give the illusion of a crease, without being the natural one.

3. Highlight your brow bone

It’s crucial to take all the necessary steps when it comes to making droopy eyes look bigger. One way to compensate for droopy eyes is to highlight the brow bone. This will give a lifting effect, tricking the eye into thinking the skin is more lifted than it really is.

4. Highlight your inner corner

Eye makeup for droopy lids also means that highlighting the inner corner can be a good idea. When light bounces off this highlight, it will give the illusion of upturned eyes, even though they are still hooded. To achieve this look, just look where the inner crease starts and apply some glitter from there.

5. Batwing eyeliner

One tricky thing when doing makeup for droopy eyes is applying eyeliner. But don’t worry, there is a technique that can help: the “bat wing” eyeliner. The name says it all.

When applying the eyeliner, look straight ahead and draw your wing into the eyelid space that is exposed. Then complete everything, and the finished product is a wing that can be seen when looking straight ahead, and when you close your eyes, a “bat wing” can be seen.

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