6 Makeup Mistakes that Make You Look Older 

Makeup helps us to highlight our attractive features and hide our imperfections. Therefore, it is important to know how to apply it correctly, as well as how to use the right amount and the right product, depending on your skin type and tone. That said, we tend to make certain mistakes, which can make us look very different than we intended.

Herewere has compiled 6 common makeup mistakes that make us look tired and even older.

1. Wearing a concealer that’s far too light

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When we want to cover those dark circles, we usually choose a lighter shade, thinking it will work wonders. But it’s the opposite: it tends to make those bags even gray, which makes us look even more tired.

The correct way to hide our dark circles is to cover them with a primer a little lighter than the tone of our foundation. Then apply a concealer that matches your skin tone.

2. Using mattifying products

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The foundation, concealers, and mattifying powders are designed to make your T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) shine-free or to set your makeup. But if used for another purpose or applied incorrectly, they will dull the glow of your complexion and not give you that well-rested look. In addition, they will accentuate the wrinkles on your skin.

These types of products are usually recommended for oily skin and should only be applied to the T-zone. If you have dry or normal skin, it’s best to avoid them and control oiliness with a good skincare routine, not skincare products. makeup.

3. Using too much gloss

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It can be pretty and make us stand out, but glitter and shine should only be applied for the right reasons. Foundations and eye shadows with a shimmery or very light effect tend to enhance the texture of our skin, so avoid using them in areas with wrinkles or dark circles.

On the other hand, we love glitter. But glittery or glittery eye shadows make crow’s feet and under-eye bags more visible.

The same thing happens with our mouths, glosses and lipsticks with a vinyl finish will enhance the lines of expression in this region.

4. Going overboard with bronzing powder

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This can make you look over the top and the opposite of fresh and natural. Makeup experts suggest controlling the amount of powder you use and recommend applying it gradually until you get the desired effect. It should be applied to the following areas: hairline, middle of the face (from one cheek to the other, passing through the nose), and chin.

5. Applying too much mascara on the lower lashes

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Mascara is our best ally when we want to brighten our eyes and widen them. However, you must be careful when applying it on the lower lashes as it can make wrinkles more visible.

Instead, you should use just the right amount of product to prevent your upper lid from looking smaller and narrowing your gaze. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a smudged layer on your lashes or clumps that can make you look sloppy.

6. Using intense matte lipstick colors

Wearing matte lipstick in shades of burgundy, brown, burgundy or deep purple gives a tired and aged look, as it highlights the signs of aging and leaves the faceless harmonious.

In addition, it gives the effect of chapped lips, which will only become more pronounced over time. It is better to apply a little gloss or color balm or a neutral shade on the lips; they will look more hydrated that way.

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