6 Makeup Ways To Wake Up Looking Beautiful

Beauty has great power, but we all have different views on what is beautiful.

We found out which beauty hacks can only hide your true beauty.

Beauty Hacks

6. Dark Lipstick

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Dark lipstick of unnatural colors can look like war paint – the face looks more aggressive and resembles a mask. And it is not so easy to get rid of the marks from this lipstick after kissing your loved one!

5. Unnatural Hair

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Complex hairstyles with plenty of hairspray and hair gel, slicked back hair, or unnatural curls look doll-like and not very attractive.

4. Drawn-on Eyebrows

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Black pencil or tattooed eyebrows, especially in combination with blonde hair, can create an intriguing effect. Your brows should complement the rest of your makeup.

3. Showy Manicure

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Long acrylic nails or a complex shiny manicure with lots of rhinestones or a strange pattern can look a bit … weird. It may also seem like you are trying too hard.

2. Bright Rouge

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When trying to give a healthy blush on the cheeks, women can apply a lot of blush. Less is more! After all, it is not theatrical makeup.

1. Too Much Foundation

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The very thick base makes the face look like a mask, which does not add appeal. In addition, it does not solve the problem of rashes and only emphasizes all the irregularities of the skin. It is best to use a foundation with a light texture (for example, BB and CC creams): they create an even skin tone without the effect of a mask.

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