18 Exceptional Beauty Hacks That Will Revolutionize Your Makeup Routine

Beauty and makeup hacks are taking the world of social media sites by storm, offering viable alternatives for surgical enhancements. But sometimes so many of them come that you feel confused and lost knowing which ones are genuine and can be used at home to enhance your appearance.

We have chosen 18 exceptional beauty and makeup hacks that can become your daily routine.

18. Toothpaste + baking soda for blackheads

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If you are tired of blackheads in your T zone, mix some baking soda toothpaste. Use a new toothbrush to gently rub it on your chin, nose, and forehead for a few minutes. Then wash off with lukewarm water. The mixture removes blackheads and cleanses the skin of excess oil.

Please note that toothpaste may not be suitable for sensitive skin. If you develop a rash or itching, stop using it immediately.

17. Eyelash lift

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Applying mascara every morning and again, if you go out to dinner, it can be tiring at times. Some people may even be allergic to the components of mascara. Do not care anymore! There is a great solution: the eyelash lift. You can visit a beauty salon or use one of the  DIY kits sold online.

16. Plumper lips

Enlarged lips, with all those needles and blood, can scare anyone. But there is a simple way to make your lips thicker: just take a fork and gently push your lips. This will increase blood circulation and make them sexier. Then apply your lipstick or lip gloss.

15. Easy fringe trimming technique

If you don’t have time to go to the salon, you can try trimming your bangs at home. Part the hair you want to cut, curl it a bit, and then cut it off with scissors. Now you just need to make a few final cuts to fix the shape. Done!

14. Duct tape curls

Our grandmothers taught us to use newspaper or pieces of cloth to curl our hair. But there is a 21st century method! Take some tape and cut it into equal pieces. Fold it so that the sticky part is inside and use it as a curling iron. Sleep with them for one night and you will have beautiful curls in the morning.

13. Matching lip gloss with nail color

This is probably one of the coolest and easiest tricks. We all want the perfect color combination for our lips and nails. But what if you don’t have a matching nail polish? Wear your lip gloss or lipstick. Apply to each nail and cover with 2 coats of top coat. Done! You have a perfect match for your lips and nails!

12. Mascara as eyeliner

If you have a pair, but can only find mascara in the bag, use it as eyeliner, as shown above. It is sure to complete your look!

11. Dark underarm spot removal

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Hair removal products for men are so good that women can use them too. For example, dark spots under the armpits can be easily whitened with Nivea Men Spot Reducer Cream.

10. Looking fresh in the morning

We’ve all been through it: sleepless nights from school or crying children, causing dark circles in the morning. But just apply the white or cream eyeliner within the lower waterline and voila! You look good!

9. Ponytail lift

If you want your ponytail to look like it came from the 1960s, just wear 2 clips underneath it. Instant lifting!

8. Pimple redness reduction

An unexpected pimple is always a pain. Use an eyedrop solution to reduce redness and swelling. Apply a drop or 2 to a cotton ball and press against the spine. Leave to act for a few seconds and remove. The spine will become less red and swollen.

7. Taming baby hairs

If you have decided to do a ponytail or braids, but the baby is growing hair, use a new toothbrush to put them in place. Finish the look with hairspray.

6. Perfect cat eyeliner with a bobby pin

Pins can be helpful in creating beautiful hairstyles, but they are also a solution for the perfect cat eyeliner. Apply liquid eyeliner to the edge of the clip and press it to the skin. Then paint inside the shape and finish the rest of the line. Perfect.

5. Curling eyelashes with a hairdryer

For curly lashes to last longer, use a hair dryer. Take an eyelash curler and heat it with a hair dryer. Let cool slightly and use as usual.

4. Crayon lipstick hack

Your children’s crayons can become your lipstick! Mix them with coconut oil (or any other natural oil) and apply to your lips. You can also play with color mixing!

3. Toilet seat covers for blotting

No absorbent paper on hand, but does your T-zone need cleaning? Use toilet seat covers (clean, of course!).

2. Applying mascara with a plastic spoon

Applying mascara, especially to half-closed eyes, can be confusing. Use a clean plastic spoon to cover your eyelids. Simple and cool.

1. Rubber bands for perfect French manicures

Do you want to get the perfect DIY French manicure? Take an elastic band and cover the nail with it, leaving the tip free for a different color.

Final Thought

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We show you many simple ways to look your best. Now you don’t have to worry about extreme measures, like lip enlargement!

If you used one of these beauty and makeup hacks or have your own hacks to share with us, please leave a comment below.

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