The 10 Biggest Myths About Hair Loss You Need to Stop Believing

Since we were little we have been taught that our hair will look bad if we wash it too often and that proper care can work miracles on hair volume. However, most of these “immutable truths” turned out to be nothing more than myths.

We collected the most popular hair care myths and we look forward to sharing them with our readers.

Female Hair Loss Myths And Facts

10. The More You Cut Your Hair, The Faster It Grows.

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Since hair grows from the roots and not from the ends, a haircut does not affect the growth rate in any way. Also, contrary to popular belief, shaving the head does not affect the density of the hair, as the number of hair follicles is a genetic trait.

9. Natural Hair Drying Is Better Than A Blow Dryer.

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If you have short hair that dries in a few minutes, you don’t need to use a hairdryer. However, it is preferable to dry long hair, since the water molecules, penetrating the hair structure, literally wash away its keratin, making it brittle and dry.

8. Hair “Gets Used” To A Shampoo.

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Since hair, like nails, is made up of dead tissue, there can be no “addiction.” In other words, if you wash your hair with the same shampoo for a long time, your hair will not get dirty faster or grow slower.

Many factors can influence this, but not the “habit” of the hair for a particular brand.

7. A Dry Scalp Is The Main Cause Of Dandruff.

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Here everything is the opposite. Dandruff occurs in people with an oily scalp. Then when this problem appears, stop using hair oil, which, contrary to what you expected, only makes the situation worse.

6. Hair Ends Can Be Recovered.

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You can “close” the split ends for a while with the help of masks or special oils. However, to get rid of them, you need to cut your hair from time to time.

5. Frequent Combing Heals Hair.

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Excessive styling distributes the oil from the skin throughout the hair and gets messy much faster. However, combing your hair alone does not affect the health of the hair and can even cause a lot of damage.

Therefore, it is best to comb your hair only when necessary. In this case, a small amount of oil will be distributed to the hair, which will help make it shiny, but not dirty.

4. Proper Care Will Make Your Hair Thicker.

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The thickness of hair, as well as the number of hair follicles, is a genetic characteristic, so the quality of care cannot affect it in any way. However, hair care products are perfect for adding volume to your hair.

3. The More Often You Wash Your Hair, The More Oily It Becomes.

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Like color, thickness, and curls, the amount of oil released by fat cells is genetically deposited. Therefore, unfortunately, frequent or infrequent washing does not affect how quickly the hair gets dirty.

However, carefully selected care can adjust the functioning of the sebaceous glands and your hair will get dirty more slowly.

2. If You Tear Out A Gray Hair, You’ll Get 2 Or 3 In Its Place.

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Since the amount of hair for each person does not depend on proper care or nutrition, multiple strands of hair cannot grow in place of one. However, it is best not to pluck gray hair as it can damage the follicle or lead to ingrown hairs.

1.Cool Water Closes The Cuticle, And Hair Becomes Smooth.

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Since hair is made up of dead tissue,  neither cold nor hot water can affect the condition of the cuticle.

Bonus: Use The Right Amount Of Shampoo

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The amount of shampoo can vary depending on the length and density of the hair. A dough the size of a coin is usually sufficient; too much lather can dry out the scalp.

If you get a rich and complete lather in the first wash, you do not need to repeat the wash.

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