How to Make Your Hair Super Curly Without Hair Rollers

Every girl dreams of beautiful and healthy hair. This is why not everyone curls their hair in the traditional way because using a curling iron or curlers can damage your hair and require a lot of time and effort.

Especially for all the girls, we have selected alternative ways to curl your hair. Use any advice and look gorgeous!

Using a headband

  • Put a band around your loose hair. Take a small strand of hair in the front and wrap it around the tiara. Use hair clips to hold the ends in place.
  • Do the same with another section of hair.
  • Continue wrapping your hair in pieces around the tiara until all of your hair is wrapped around the tiara.
  • Leave your hair curly for 5-7 hours.

Using bobby pins

  • Lightly dampen your hair and apply a styling product.
  • Wrap a small section of hair around your fingers, away from your face.
  • Secure the curl with a clamp.
  • Repeat with the rest of the hair.
  • You can sleep like this at night. In the morning, carefully remove the bobby pins and loosen the curls.

Using a T-shirt or a towel

  • Wash your hair and let it dry until it is slightly damp.
  • Brush with a wide-tooth comb.
  • Apply a hair styling product.
  • Firmly squeeze a shirt or towel.
  • Wrap all of your hair around the crooked shirt/towel.
  • Secure the hair with a clamp at the end and leave it for several hours.

Using chopsticks

  • Part the hair in half, pinning one side in a ponytail and pinning the other side with a clip.
  • Twist a ponytail onto the toothpick.
  • Flip the toothpick over and tie it under the headband.
  • Repeat on the other side.
  • For additional support, place the chopsticks in the hair on the opposite side.
  • Secure the toothpicks with a hair tie.
  • Leave your hair like this overnight.

Making a bun

  • Wet your hair and apply the mousse.
  • Pin the hair in a ponytail and twist it tightly into a knot.
  • Wrap a knot around the base of the ponytail and secure it.
  • You can pull the strands of hair to give it a perfect look.
  • Keep hair in a bun until completely dry. To speed up the process, you can use a hairdryer.

Making a bunch of little buns

  • Apply mousse to wet hair and brush it.
  • Spread all of your hair into strands, twist each one, and wrap the strands in the “bun.” Secure them with a hair clip. The more strands you twist, the curlier your hair will become.
  • When hair is completely dry, let spirals unwind and secure with hairspray.

Using paper towels

  • Wash your hair and brush it.
  • Cut the paper towels into 5cm strips and roll them up like you would use rollers. The smaller the sections, the more curls you will get.
  • Tie the ends of the paper towels so they stay in place overnight.
  • Go to bed and in the morning you will have beautiful curly hair.

Making small braids

Wash your hair at night and let it dry a bit.

  • Tie your hair in many tight braids. The number and thickness of the braids will depend on how curly you want your hair to be.
  • Leave the hair like this at night, securing the braids with hair ties.
  • Gently remove the braids in the morning and add hairspray or mousse for the final look.
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