10 Brilliant Ways to Curl Ends of Hair With Straighteners

Hair straighteners are typically used to straighten unruly curls. But few people know that straightening irons can also be used to style your hair with wonderful curls.

We found 10 great hair straightening ideas for you to try. There is something here for everyone.

10. Lazy waves

If you want to try this romantic hairstyle for yourself, check it out here.

9. Curls for long hair

This hairstyle is perfect for a date or any event where you need to look your best.

8. Giving long hair more volume

You can give your hair a whole lot more volume by curling the top strands with your straighteners. 

7. Giving short hair more volume

Those with short hair will find that hair straighteners can really help them get more volume. Details can be found here.

6. Large curls

Follow these instructions if you want the same luxurious curls.

5. Hair for the beach

Find out how to get this gorgeous effect here.

4. That Hollywood look

The details of how to style your hair like this can be found here.

3. Little waves

Braid your hair several times, then use your iron and you will have this wonderful effect. Details can be found here.

2. A beautiful look for going out

With a little effort and imagination, you can get your hair looking this good. Find out how to achieve it here.

1. Retro style

Find tips on how to get this retro style here.

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