5 Pretty Casual Hairstyles To Try When You’re In A Rush

The average woman spends about 55 minutes per day combing her hair and putting on makeup. But sometimes there is no time to go through this routine and you need a quick and elegant hairstyle instead of a complex one.

For those cases, We have put together 5 hairstyles for you that are quick and easy to do, but still beautiful and stylish. Save this list to your favorites as this can help you save a lot of time and energy!

5 Five-minute Women’s Hairstyles

5. Ponytail With a Twist

  • Cut your hair into a low ponytail, but don’t secure it with a hair tie. Make sure the ponytail is slight to the right of the center of the head.
  • Twist the base of the ponytail clockwise.
  • Use clamps to secure the twist on both sides.

4. Super Easy One-minute-bun

  • Pin your hair in a high ponytail.
  • Twist the ponytail clockwise.
  • Secure your hair with a rubber band. Use staples if necessary.
  • Alternatively, you can use a bobby pin instead of a rubber band.

3. Hair Bow

  • Take thin strips of hair from both sides of your head and set them aside. If you have short hair, secure it with 2 bobby pins so it doesn’t get in your way.
  • Put the rest of the hair in a low ponytail. Make it lose a little.
  • Select a small strand of hair from the ponytail and make a small braid (about 7 cm). Secure the braid with a small elastic.
  • Now you need to insert the braid into the ponytail. To do this, insert your index finger into the back of the ponytail, just above the elastic, and pull the braid down to form a bow.
  • Take one of the strands of hair that you set aside earlier, fold it into a semi-circle (it should look like the side of a bow), and pull it to the middle of the loop of the braid.
  • Repeat the same with the other side.
  • Pull the braid down to tighten the loop. You can remove the elastic from the braid now. Secure your bow with staples if necessary.

2. The Knot

  • Separate the hair into 2 strands, one at the top and one at the bottom. Tie them with a rubber band, forming 2 ponytails (one on top of the other).
  • Make a hole over the bottom ponytail and pull the top one. Now put this ponytail aside so it doesn’t get in the way.
  • Make a hole over the top ponytail and pull the bottom one through it. Make sure to pull it in the opposite direction from the first one, making a knot.

1. Heart Braid, Perfect for a Date

  • Straighten your hair. From above the ear, take a strand of hair and part it into 3 equal strands.
  • Make a regular braid about 6 inches long. Secure it with the elastic.
  • Pick up another strand of hair about two inches from the first braid. The amount of hair in this section should be the same as in the first braid. Make another braid similar to the first one.
  • To form a heart, take the first braid, press it into your hair, and twist it clockwise, making a half heart. Once in place, secure it with staples.
  • Repeat with the second braid, this time turning counterclockwise.
  • Tie the ends of the heart with a rubber band.
  • Remove the previous elastics that you used to secure the braids and untie the braids to the elastic that “closes” the heart.

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