6 Makeup Tips to Make the Best of Your Beauty

The ancient Greeks and Chinese had to apply tons of lead and vinegar based powder to the face to obtain a flawless pale complexion. Traces of this bleaching powder have been found during many archaeological excavations.

We believe that there are many easier and healthier options to make you look like a beautiful Greek goddess or an elegant Chinese beauty any day of the week. Go ahead, give them a try!

6. Say “No” to Natural Light.

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A source of natural light in a room is obviously very important, but despite popular thinking, natural light is not necessarily essential for makeup. We Recommend: Under no circumstances, even if it is cloudy outside, do not expose your makeup to direct sunlight.
What do you see when you look in the mirror in these conditions? Unfortunately, you see everything and more.

The point is natural light is refracted  by the window glass and flashes on your face. This gives skin a cool, dull tone and highlights blemishes that would otherwise be less noticeable.
You’ll definitely want to cover them up when you see them, but in the end, all the lighting will give you dirty, moody makeup.

We recommend that you invest in a makeup mirror with lamps around it. This type of light will come from the front of your face and will highlight every part of it evenly. Choose lamps with a neutral temperature, without shades of yellow or blue.

5. Get Some Painting Brushes.

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In addition to cosmetic stores, synthetic brushes can be found in art shops. Its price will also be much lower compared to professional makeup brands.

A fine brushing Japanese brush is perfect for making eyeliner as it is fine and firm. A flat brush is ideal for the eyebrows. A small angled oval brush can be used to apply lipstick without leaving a trace of hair, and a larger one will help you apply concealer or lip gloss. Flat square brushes are useful for finishing touches to correct mistakes or make shadow lines look less sharp.

4. Try an Eye Primer Instead of an Eye Cream.

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A smoothing primer is a light pink semi-transparent cream rich in light reflecting particles. This primer highlights the under-eye area and prepares it to apply concealer. It also instantly masks flaking and skin irregularities.

Make sure to clean the top cover of the oil from the skin. Excessive moisture will negatively affect the longevity of makeup.

3. Use Mineral Powder the Right Way.

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Mineral powder is a powder base. Its fine particles gradually dissolve in skin oil and primer, creating a very fine layer on your face. This powder is ideal for hypersensitive, dry and discolored skin, without causing excessive pigmentation. It will also help during the holidays because its coverage does not melt in the sun or let moisture out, it also has a high level of UV protection.

It is also a “delayed action” product because it can take 20 to 40 minutes before the final effect appears. For an instant effect, spray some moisturizer on your face immediately after applying the powder; its particles dissolve in moisturizing components. Apply the powder with a large brush over the primer. But don’t fix the foundation with this – they’re similar products, so you’ll end up with a mascara effect.

2. Cover Under-eye Bags Correctly.

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If bags under your eyes are one of your main problems, focus on highlighting that area. Take a concealer a few shades lighter than your skin tone and apply it under your eyes. The advice here is to apply the concealer in a triangle shape from the inner corner of the eye outward and then up to the wings of the nose. Shade the contours. This is how the enlarged area will stand out evenly and will not attract attention with its volume.

1. Fill in Between Upper Lashes for a Flawless Cat-eye Look.

For the eyes to be more expressive, it is essential to fill in the empty spaces between the upper lashes. If the white areas remain between the lashes, making the eyes look smoky or winged eyeliner, the makeup will be soft and imperfect.

A soft powder eyeliner is ideal for this task. Its texture remains firm between the lashes creating a natural contour, it washes away easily, does not damage the eyes during application and does not stain during the day. The principle is simple: the more intense you want your eye makeup to be, the darker the color of the pencil will be.

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