5 Current Fashion Trends You’ll Be Wearing In 2021

Fashion trends can be a strange thing. While some of them become a worthy classic, others die almost unnoticed. However, there is a trend in a universal fashion, one that we are all tired of seeing. Every fashionista knows that it will be time to say goodbye to last season’s stylish clothes.

We rounded up 5 popular fashion trends that got more annoying than stylish.

5 Popular Fashion Trends

5. Jeans + Fishnet Stockings

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The craze for jeans and fishing nets has flooded the fashion world recently. Many people got tired of this fashion style and it became an anti-trend.

What to wear instead:

Plain jeans without holes and ripped is what is in fashion now. Take a closer look at straight jeans with uneven edges or uneven cuts.

4. Waist Bags

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A fanny pack is a complicated trend that has received mixed reviews. Some people find the fanny packs very stylish, while others think that these bags belong to someone who is selling something at a flea market. Fanny packs are still up in 2021, but the market was a bit crowded with them.

What to wear instead:

A normal shoulder bag is sufficient. You can also pay attention to the must-see trend of 2018 – bags with a circle.

3. Naked Dresses

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Almost all celebrities and “it-girls” were seen in what became known as a nude dress. Although nude dresses were a new kind of fashion trend a few years ago, you can’t surprise anyone with this fashion choice right now. Also, these dresses can look quite ordinary and not at all elegant.

What to wear instead:

If you want to accentuate parts of your body, try wearing a sheath dress, mermaid dress, or unusual asymmetrical dress.

2. Tassel Earrings

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This is another ambiguous fashion trend. Some people think of them as curtain tassels, while others believe that tassel earrings make a person more elegant and feminine.

What to wear instead:

Try to wear long earrings in whimsical shapes and sizes.

1. Embroidered Jeans and Jackets

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Last year, designers applied embroidery to almost everything: jackets, jeans, shirts, caps and shoes. Maybe it’s time to stop. If you really love embroidered jeans, save them for outings or campfire gatherings.

What to wear instead:

Pay attention to plain or ornate embellished jeans. It is very important to be moderate.

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