4 Types of Shoes to Make Your Legs Look Slimmer

Sometimes choosing a shoe style is a little tricky because there are so many shapes, sizes, and colors that make us think about how we will feel better. Finding out what’s hot right now and what kind of shoe is best for making you look slimmer sounds great. Remember that every woman’s legs vary and it’s good to find the one that suits you best.

Herewere gathered some tips that can help you look better when choosing your shoes.

1. Simple shoe with chunky heel

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Heels with ankle straps are not very flattering because the strap that is often placed close to the ankle for support, no matter how thin it is, will leave the ankle with a cracked appearance, which always gives the impression of having shorter legs.

This is just a visual rule. It is even more relevant if you are short or have short legs. Wearing these types of shoes will only make your ankles and calves look wider.

On the other hand, chunky heels are much more flattering for women with thicker legs. To get the best results and make your figure more slender, it is often recommended to wear a heel that is thicker at the base and becomes thinner as you go down. Of course, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t miss the essence of a chunky heel.

2. Stiletto heels

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Strappy shoes can sometimes create awkward bulges on your feet, especially if you have thick feet and/or legs. These are not recommended if your legs are thick, simply because they will draw people’s attention to your legs, as well as that bulge that forms at every little hole.

You can always swap out those flat strappy sandals for cool stilettos. These are perfect if you are trying to look taller and want to make your legs look slimmer. The thinner the heel, the more attractive you’ll look, but it can also be less comfortable, so you’ll need to find a good compromise.

3. Platform shoes

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The heel strap, known as a “T-strap shoe”, is shaped like a “T”, hence the name. Unfortunately, this shirt makes your feet look wider than they actually are. Again, this applies to all types of feet, but if you think you have chubby feet, avoid these types of shoes.

You can, for example, opt for platform wedges that hug your legs, as we mentioned above. These will be comfortable and look good. Choose these shoes if your legs are thick, this way you will get a more flattering result, since if you choose a wider one, the only thing you will achieve is that it will be a little rough.

4. Ballerina flats

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The problem with the so-called Roman sandals or strappy flats is that they were designed to draw a lot of attention to the calves thanks to the huge amount of straps and laces they have. This is even more true if they are calf-length. This type of shoe does not favor women with thick legs due to the cuts made by the straps, and may even become uncomfortable after walking a little.

Ballerinas, on the other hand, tend to favor women with slender legs and look best in a short skirt.

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