4 Small Tips to Improve Your Outfit and Make It Look More Put Together

Many times we stop in front of our closet thinking about what we are going to wear because nothing convinces us. While it is true that this daily struggle is very difficult, there are also ways to ease this task and even make it more fun. We just need to get creative and make some small modifications to the way we normally wear our clothes.

Herewere put together a bunch of cool hacks with which you can level up your most common outfits.

1. The shirt knot

Sometimes, when we’re in a hurry, we tie knots in our shirts without really checking whether it’s good or not. It may look careless, so a good tip for this not to happen is to twist one end and pull the other end.

2. The knot on coats and dresses

Here’s another knot that can make you look sloppy if it doesn’t look like a perfect loop. However, not all of us know how to tie a bow knot. But we have a trick for you: place the two ends of the strap so that they form a loop. Then tie them by passing one under the other and pulling. You will have a bow that you can show off to your friends.

3. A blouse tucked into pants

Since we were little we were taught that the shirt was tucked into the pants pushing it with the hands on the waist. While this technique works, it’s best if you fold it and carefully tuck in just the edge of the shirt with your fingers. Then we release the folded part and that’s it, we have a much more neat finish.

4. Turning a shirt into a V-neck shirt

Although we already know that we can open the collar of a shirt and wear it with a V-neck, sometimes it is very difficult to keep everything in place because the collar tends to close, fold and even crumple. A good trick is to stick a double-sided tape on the upper part of the chest, so we fix the two sides of the collar. That way, it probably won’t move.

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