6 Everyday Styles That Make Your Image Tasteless

In the modern world, the number of images created and recommended by different designers and stylists increases rapidly with each season. You will hardly be surprised by the combination of different styles or even unmatched looks. However, “safety” rules should never be neglected, even in a basic wardrobe.

We have put together a list of everyday articles that sometimes hide real tricks from themselves.

6. Flat Shoes With a Business Suit

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Flat shoes make your ankles look bigger and this can make your legs look like a pair of long loaves or wide pillars. This is especially inappropriate in business attire, which should imply elegance. In that case, it is better to give preference to stilettos or, at least, to the tiny heel.

5. Long Shirt Over Jeans

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A long, tight shirt over jeans makes your silhouette very long. Also, along with the shorts, the image will be even more embarrassing. It is better to tuck this shirt inside your jeans. If it is not your style, it is better to give preference to loose styles.

4. Voluminous Bag for Events

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A bulky bag is something universal. You can not only combine it with a casual style, but also with a business style. However, when going to a restaurant or nightclub, it is better to opt for more compact models. In these cases, choosing a bulky bag is inappropriate.

3. Tulip Skirt

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This type of skirt is “figure safe” if it is a low-waisted skirt. High-waisted tulip skirts will only look good if you stand up straight. When you move, it creates the illusion of a bulging stomach, even if you are thin. If you have doubts when choosing the right style, opt for the classics, remembering your type of figure.

2. Bigger Shoes

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Big shoes look tacky. It is better to buy shoes early in the day because your feet can be tired and swollen at the end of the day. Therefore, your shoe size will “deviate” from your actual size. As a result, you can get an ugly “heel”.

1. Turtlenecks

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You must be very careful with this type of clothing because your neck may appear shorter and your figure will appear a square. You should not avoid clothing with open necklines and you can enhance the image with scarves and scarves, if necessary.

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