5 Cool Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Jeans

The first jeans were made in 1853 by Levi Strauss as work clothes for farmers. And today, virtually everyone owns at least one pair of jeans. But this universal garment has its own secrets. While one model might make you a stylish fashionista, another might make you look terrible. Everything matters, from the fit, the fabric and pockets, to the seams.

Herewere wear jeans all the time, so we decided to learn as much about them as possible to understand what details affect our appearance.

1. The density of the fabric

Some people choose jeans made from thicker fabric for winter and fall and thinner fabrics for warmer weather. Thin fabrics often stretch quickly and end up looking bad. In addition, jeans made of thin fabrics only emphasize the flaws of the body. But thick fabrics can hide some problem areas.

A good pair of jeans should contain cotton and a little elastane. This helps prevent the fabric from stretching and the model is more comfortable to wear. Jeans with a lot of elastane are more like leggings. These jeans look cheap and can make even a perfect body look bad.

2. The yoke

The yoke is the seam that is visible above the back pockets. It looks like it was made to round the shape from behind and form beautiful lines. To visually lift the buttocks from below, choose jeans with a higher peak angle. The smaller the angle, the flatter the buttocks will be.

3. The front pockets

Deep front pockets will make the hips look bigger. And if you have a model with smaller pockets that sit above the pelvic bone, your hips will look smaller. Pocket width is just as important. The wider they are, the wider that part of the body will look. By the way, many women’s jeans do not have front pockets, so this is not a problem.

4. The back pockets

Back pockets have a big influence on how the buttocks will look in jeans. Long, straight pockets will flatten your buttocks. The further apart the pockets are, the wider the buttocks will appear. This is a very common problem, so you need to be careful when choosing the perfect jeans.

To make the buttocks visually smaller, it is better to choose jeans with medium-sized pockets just below the waist. To create a push-up effect, buy jeans with smaller pockets that are noticeably located on top. Also, the greater the angle of the pockets, the rounder the hips will be.

5. The fit

Low-waisted jeans make your legs look shorter, and high-waisted jeans make your legs look longer. But there are still people who look better with low-waisted jeans, like those with short bodies and longer legs. High-waisted jeans make your belly look smaller. But of course, you have to keep the proportions right so you don’t look super round. That said, the rise of jeans depends on your body parameters.

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