5 Super Brilliant Ideas for Storing Small Things

We all have many little things at home that we use every day. Just look at how many tubes, bottles, hair clips, and jewelry some girls have! Sometimes, we cannot find what we are looking for among all our things for hours and hours. Looks familiar, right?

We collected some great ideas on how to organize things in a way that keeps them within reach, but without taking up too much space. I will try them all this week!

5. Jewelry

An old tea set or unnecessary cups can become beautiful decorative items to organize all your jewelry.

One simple hanger can be an excellent jewelry holder.

You can use a cross-stitch cloth to store your earrings. If you don’t have that art, just stretch a piece of fabric over a wooden frame. The support is ready!

Attach extra hooks to closet door to keep all chains and necklaces in order. Now they will never get tangled up again.

A multi-tiered fruit tray or muffin tray can become a home for your rings and clips.

4. Sunglasses

You can insert a sheet of paper into a photo frame, make two holes, and put your glasses in them.

Kitchen rails can help you keep belts, glasses, and other things in one place.

3. Cosmetics

If you put a magnetic plate in a frame and tape it under the pots, you will get good support for eyeshadows and blushes. You will never lose them again!

Try to store cosmetics in a multi-tiered candy jar or fruit tray, it is very convenient!

This is not a special accessory for storing shadows, it is simply an ice cube tray.

Did you know that a paper organizer can be specially designed to store lipsticks, nail polish, and glitter?

2. Hairdryer and Curling Iron

A paper folder is a great solution for keeping hairstyles and curlers in one place.

You can easily put combs and hairspray on the door in a special organizer like this one.

…or on hooks on the door of your cupboard.

1. Cosmetic Brushes

A glasses case is a perfect place to store cosmetic brushes. It is an irreplaceable necessity during the trip!

Cups, mugs, and jars are also very useful for keeping brushes within reach.

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