How Do You Make Your Makeup Last All Day in Hot Weather?

The warm weather is a true test of endurance for our daily makeup.

To help you deal with this problem, It has compiled some must-have tips on how to apply cosmetics during those sweltering summer months.

11. Choosing the right cream

The best stylists and dermatologists recommend avoiding the use of oil-based creams during the summer.

10. Applying cosmetics

Do not apply cosmetics with your fingers, use sponges and makeup brushes. This will allow you to apply your makeup in a thin layer, which is an ideal solution for going out in the heat of summer.

9. Using instant tanners

Tanning lotions and instant bronzers can make your eyes brighter and enhance the whiteness of your teeth. To make the effect look fresher and more natural, apply these cosmetics to the areas most prone to tanning (forehead, cheekbones, chin, and nose).

8. Keeping makeup to a minimum

Too often, our makeup fails to overcome the challenge of heat and begins to melt. So your general rule of thumb should be the less makeup the better! A simple combination of moisturizer, concealer, and mascara will be enough to accompany you during the summer months.

7. Avoiding saturated colors

Make sure your summer cosmetic arsenal doesn’t include deep, saturated colors. They will appear rough in appearance and may ‘change’ their features in an unfavorable way (for example, by making your eyelids look excessively heavy). We recommend that you wear pastel and nude makeup.

6. Choosing ideal eye shadows

The summer heat causes cream eyeshadows to curdle and freeze in little lumps on all lids. This gives your face a sloppy appearance. To avoid the problem, try using liquid shadows. These shadows are easy to use and can be applied evenly over the entire face area. They are quickly absorbed into the skin and remain on the face for a long time without staining or melting.

5. Using rouges

In the heat, dry wrinkles inevitably come into contact with sweat. This leads to unsightly stains. If you want to give your face a healthy glow, choose liquid blushes. Apply in a very thin layer to avoid excessive shine and to get your skin to breathe.

4. Choosing the right powder

It is not recommended to use compact powders on hot sunny days. Contact with direct sunlight and sweat will cause them to solidify and form an unsightly crust. To avoid this problem, use loose powders as they can keep your makeup intact for many hours.

3. Finding a suitable eye and brow pencil

Avoid using crayons in hot weather. Even a short walk in the sun will get your makeup wet!

2. Applying the right lipstick

Do not wear long-lasting lipsticks; in summer, they have a strong drying effect on the lips. We recommend that you opt for lip gloss, this makeup is easy to correct and, in addition, provides good nutrition to your skin.

1. Using matting tissues

In summer, always have tissues close at hand. They will help you to quickly correct your makeup, remove greasy shine and remove beads of sweat from your face.

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