12 Strange Tips Which Help You Become More Attractive Naturally

The internet is full of tips on how to become attractive and get closer to your goal of achieving that stellar look. However, not everything is useful.

We recently came across some particularly bizarre life hacks that really blew us away. However, we gave them a try and now we can admit that they really work.

Use beer for healthy hair.

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Beer contains useful components such as brewer’s yeast, hops, and malt. It is rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish the inside of the hair. You can use beer as a conditioning rinse.

  • To do this, dilute the beer with water in a ratio of 1: 1 and rinse the hair with the resulting solution after washing. Blondes are advised to use light beers to avoid changing the tone.
  • You can also use beer as a base to make hair masks.

Use baby powder to create a false eyelash effect.

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  • Cover your lashes with a single coat of mascara.
  • Arm yourself with a cotton swab and apply baby powder to your lashes.
  • Apply another coat of mascara to your lashes. Voila! A simple and inexpensive solution to achieve a false eyelash effect!

Use concealer to create a new lip outline.

If you have a naturally smudged lip contour or if your lips look too narrow for dark lipsticks, don’t despair. You can easily correct the situation by using a concealer.

  • Trace the contour of the lips with a concealer, “erasing” the natural contours, and then do the shading.
  • When the concealer dries, take a bright pencil and draw a new lip contour, slightly surpassing the natural one. Try not to make your lips look too big.

Use activated charcoal to whiten your teeth.

  • Place an activated charcoal tablet in a glass and add 5 drops of water. Knead the resulting dough to remove lumps.
  • Apply the dough to your toothbrush and brush your teeth.
  • This treatment should only be applied twice a month. Doing this more often can make your teeth overly sensitive!

Use red lipstick to quickly conceal dark circles under your eyes.

If you’re in a rush to get rid of dark circles and your concealer alone isn’t up to the task, beauty bloggers suggest trying the following technique:

  • Gently, so as not to damage delicate skin, apply red lipstick to the “arches” under the eyes. Shade, stopping short reaching the lashes.
  • Apply two coats of concealer, shading each coat. Let the concealer dry. Finally, sprinkle everything.

It is advisable not to abuse this method, so as not to damage the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Use string for the perfect winged eyeliner.

There are many ways to achieve clear and smooth eyeliner wings. This video describes a particularly effective one: using a thick cotton thread.

  • Take a piece of string and cover it with your favorite eyeliner.
  • Pull the string tight and place it over the eye so that it forms a continuation of the lower eyelid.
  • Use the same technique to paint the top edge of the wing.

Use a fork to contour your nose.

To visually change the shape of the nose and make it more slender and attractive, many girls turn to contour: highlighting the ridge of the nose along its length with a lighter color, while the wings appear darker.

  • To make your contour lines smooth and symmetrical, use a fork.

Use ordinary pencils as eyeliner.

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If you really want bright, summery-style eyeliner wings, but don’t have eyeliner pencils, use regular colored pencils.

  • Put the drawing pencils in a glass of hot water and wait a few minutes.
  • Take the pencils out of the water and use them to draw eyeliner wings.

Use lip balm instead of a highlighter.

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Often girls are not in a hurry to buy a marker and prefer to use other types of cosmetics. In fact, things like bright shadows can handle the task just as effectively. The same goes for another ubiquitous “resident” makeup box: lip balm. Its only downside is stickiness!

Use dishwashing sponges for perfect curls.

Turns out, you can get luxurious curls without the help of flat irons (which can seriously damage your hair). All you need is a dishwasher sponge.

  • Divide the hair into strands and wrap each one in the middle of the sponge.
  • Fold the sponge in half and secure it with a rubber band.
  • Go to bed. You will surely be pleasantly surprised to see your hair the next morning! Detailed instructions can be found in this video.

Use potato slices to whiten your armpits.

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Darkening of the armpits is a problem that worries many women. However, it can be easily solved with the help of potatoes!

  • Cut a potato into thin slices and use them to rub your armpits.
  • Alternatively, you can grate a potato and use the resulting juice.

Use mayonnaise instead of a hair conditioner.

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Actress Blake Lively manages to keep her hair looking luxurious by using mayonnaise as a conditioner. He mixes it with oil, applies the solution to his hair, waits a while, and then washes it off.

However, to everyone who wants to follow this example, experts advise using only homemade mayonnaise, since the product sold in stores contains concentrates and various other chemicals.

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