7 Awesome Makeup Ideas to Keep You Looking Beautiful And Smart

Makeup is a magic wand for any girl. In addition to being able to hide the inconveniences and emphasize the perfection of our face, it gives us confidence and even encourages us.
We believe that makeup can work magic, which is why we have put together 7 brilliant and versatile ideas for you. Read and get inspired!

7. Red lipstick & black eyeliner

It may not be necessary to explain why black wings and scarlet lipstick are the most versatile combination for makeup and that will never go out of style. This ‘Hollywood makeup’ looks great on any woman. All you need to do is choose the correct shade of lipstick and create an even skin tone, slightly highlighting your cheekbones.

6. Smokey eyes and nude lips

Another ‘golden combination’ is nude lips and classic smoky eyes. This beautiful makeup is an amazing option for a night out. Make sure to choose the right lip gloss or lipstick for your skin tone.

5. Porcelain skin and dark lipstick

With this makeup, all the attention is paid to perfectly smooth porcelain lips and skin. You can choose any lipstick shade that is popular now, such as wine, burgundy, brown, or deep purple. You don’t need to apply a lot of eye makeup, maybe just a slight hint of gray eyeshadow.

4. Brown eyeshadow and peach lips

The advantage of this makeup is that it can be used both at work and at parties. It is important to show restraint when applying brown eyeshadow as it can make you appear tired. Peach lipstick can refresh your image and neutralize the ‘weight’ of brown eyeshadow.

3. Wine lipstick and bronze eyeshadow

This truly royal combination will make you look luxurious. It is important to maintain the contour of the lips when applying lipstick. With the eyeshadow everything is simpler: just choose the golden tone and apply it with light movements of the fingers.

2. Purple or blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick

Some people may think that pink lipstick with blue eyeshadow looks a bit tacky, but if you go for the glossy eyeshadow over the matte, you will look fresh and even innocent.

1. Coral lipstick and champagne eyeshadow

If you don’t want to wear red or wine lipstick, this combination is for you. Shades of lipstick, bright beige, or coral will refresh your entire image and make it look beautiful. Now apply the sparkling champagne shade and you are ready to walk the red carpet.

Bonus: how to remove blackheads from the nose

To remove blackheads naturally and achieve more beautiful and healthy skin, you will need 1 tablespoon of sea salt, half a teaspoon of lemon (squeezed), and 1 tablespoon of water.

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and apply the mixture on the black spots in circular movements for 2-3 minutes. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse your face with warm water. Finish with cold water to close the pores.

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