6 Shoes That Are No Longer Stylish

When trying to follow fashion trends, some women forget that an expensive and famous brand does not guarantee a noble look. And shoes play an important role when you meet new people. If you still wear uncomfortable high heels and love red leather shoes, this article is definitely for you.

We put together six reasons why our expensive shoes look cheap.

6 Expensive Shoes Look Cheap

6. Lots of Sparkly and Shiny Details

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Expensive dresses decorated with rhinestones can look great, but shoes covered with sparkly details always look inappropriate and uncomfortable. Also, the crystals used in shoes are generally of poor quality and can fall off during the first or second use.

If you love shiny shoes, go for shoes in metallic tones.

5. Extremely High Platform Shoes

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Some short girls prefer to wear high platform shoes. But despite the price, these shoes do not look expensive or elegant. The high platforms turn the legs into “helmets” and the whole body is disproportionate. It is recommended to choose shoes with a small platform or shoes without a platform. To look gorgeous, you really just need to wear classic heels.

4. Combining Several Colors

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Try to avoid wearing too many colors because they turn expensive shoes into cheap shoes. Do not forget that it is not recommended to mix more than 2 colors.

3. Patent Leather Shoes

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Although these types of shoes look good, they often stain or scratch immediately after putting them on. Matte shoes with the same silhouette will be much more expensive. If you still want to wear shiny shoes, choose neutral colors like beige, black, or white.

2. Leopard Print

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Leopard print shoes can be tempting to buy, but you need to choose the right color. The classic leopard print is often associated with bad taste. If you like animal prints, try to find shoes with unusual patterns (like the image to the right).

1. Too Much Faux Leather

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Many brands make shoes with eco-leather and that’s great. But, unfortunately, popular stores sell shoes and boots made of very low-quality, fake materials. This shoe looks cheap and loses cushioning very quickly.

If you want to buy faux fur boots, choose the low ones. And normal leather boots look more modern and elegant than those reminiscent of rubber.

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