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Glossy magazines compete with each other to help us learn about the latest fashion trends, including the latest ideas for matching accessories and clothing.

We studied this topic carefully and now we are ready to share all the secrets with you and dispel all the myths. Get ready for a wardrobe revolution!

1. Wear no more than 3-4 large accessories

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It is possible to combine large accessories in a single outfit, but there should be no more than 3-4 of them. And of course, they must match each other in terms of color, style, and material from which they are made.

2. Don’t hide a large collar underneath a bulky scarf

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You don’t need to add a large scarf to your clothing if your coat already has a large collar. Instead, wear a light scarf around your neck and under the outer layer.

3. Only use a full set of matching jewelry if the items are small in size

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Some people argue that wearing beads, earrings, bracelets, and rings in a single set seems tacky. This idea is only partially true since it all depends on the size of each accessory. If they are small in size, wearing them all together can look classy.

4. Forget the rule that states your handbag must be the same color as your shoes

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Selecting a bag that matches your shoes really isn’t compulsory. If your shoes are very bright, it’s actually much better to have a handbag in a contrasting light tone.

5. Set your priorities: either bright clothes or eye-catching accessories

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When working on our style, we should always try to determine precisely the effect we want to achieve and then simply apply the correct emphasis to our clothing. We can make our clothes, makeup, or accessories the most attractive part of our appearance, but we must avoid trying to achieve the same effect through all three at the same time. Pairing a cute neckline on a blouse with huge diamond earrings seems absurd.

6. Forget about wearing a watch if you’ve put on an evening dress

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Wristwatches work well for urban, sporty, or business styles. However, effectively combining a watch with an evening dress is practically impossible.

7. Remember that large rings don’t suit everyone

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Thick rings don’t look good on short fingers, although thin ones can visually increase their length. Remember this the next time you buy a ring.

8. Gloves should be the same color as one other feature of your outfit

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A quick way to select the right colored gloves: look at the color of your shoes, belt, or lipstick. As a general rule, your gloves should harmoniously match at least one feature of your outfit.

9. Avoid black footwear if you’re wearing pastel tones

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Pastel shades in clothes look better with lighter shoes. Dark shoes don’t really work here.

10. Combine culturally specific accessories only with neutral-colored clothing

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If you wear accessories with lots of threads or beads, decrease the overall effect with neutral-colored clothing.

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