3 Beauty Habits That Can Make You Look Older

Everyone decides their style based on what makes them feel most comfortable. However, sometimes you may choose clothes or makeup that actually make you look older. In these cases, learning a few tricks to understand what makes you look older and what makes you look younger can help a lot.

1. Tanning

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Tanned skin makes many people look super attractive. Also, the vitamin D provided by the sun can make you feel good. However, too much sun exposure negatively affects your skin and can make you look older.

For example, Victoria Beckham confessed that she now prefers her natural skin color because excessive tanning made her look aged.

On the other hand, a light tan with the right care routine for your skin type can even make you look slimmer. That is why it is advisable not to expose yourself to the sun without adequate protection and patience.

Soon you will be tanned. In this way, you will avoid damaging the collagen and elastic fibers that give your skin tone and firmness.

2. Black clothes

People who are in doubt about what to wear tend to choose black clothes because it is a common belief that it goes with everything and makes you look stylish and elegant.

Well, it turns out that over time the skin tends to get a little paler. And all-black outfits can make you look bored and even exhausted. It also highlights wrinkles.

To avoid this, you can add a colorful item to your outfit. Depending on your skin tone, you can opt for blue or red. This simple advice will brighten up your face. And when you get used to it, you can change the black for other dark colors that can also make you slimmer, like gray or navy blue.

3. Dark make-up

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Makeup is a great tool when it comes to hide facial imperfections. It also highlights its best features. With that in mind, you might want to apply more makeup than necessary or choose solid, heavy colors. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can make you look older.

On the other hand, as you age, it’s easier to have radiant, hydrated skin that looks almost natural. If you don’t dare with the no-makeup trend, bet on opaque, smooth, and clear tones. If looking greasy is what worries you, just dust around your eyes and forehead. It’s a simple trick to maintain a natural glow by preventing critical areas from wrinkling.

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