4 Beauty Secrets That Can Actually Ruin Your Look

We wear eyelash extensions, pluck our eyebrows, and spend a fortune on eyeliner and lipstick in the latest colors. However, when trying to be fashionable, sometimes we can change our natural features that make our appearance unique and attractive.

That’s why we decided to find out which types of makeup and hairstyles can really ruin our look, according to professional makeup artists and stylists.

1. Thick eyeliner

Makeup artists recommend avoiding thick eyeliner, especially under the lower eyelashes. Otherwise, you can emphasize dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes.

At the same time, if the eyeliner is applied correctly, it can create a lifting effect. It is recommended to use eyeliner only along the upper lashes and in the corners of the eyes. And if you blur the line a bit, it can give it a softer look.

2. Matte lipstick

Matte lipstick, which is very fashionable these days, can be quite tricky. The fact is that when the lips lack brightness and “juiciness”, the face can look more mature.

3. Stick-straight hair

According to hairdressers, straight strands and blunt ends can make your face “heavy” and your facial features saggy. At the same time, long layers, soft volume and lots of movement help frame the face and smooth out rough lines.

4. Dark, cool hair tones

These cooler hair tones can bring out gray and gray tones in the skin. Stylists recommend opting for warm tones, especially for locks that frame the face. It will brighten your skin and make you look more awake.

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