5 Fashion Items That Are Extremely Uncomfortable in Real Life

Sometimes inconvenient and impractical clothing becomes fashionable. But this approach has existed throughout human history. Think tight corsets, voluminous wigs, and crinoline dresses. People diligently follow new fashion trends, sometimes despite their inconvenience and lack of comfort.

1. Silk suit

Silk is very difficult to care for. If washing, drying, and ironing are done incorrectly, they can quickly lose their appearance. Also, a silk suit enhances your figure due to its texture and glossy sheen, so curvy people should be very careful with this fabric.

2. Bike shorts

Some people find this trend ridiculous, others are crazy about it. But it’s hard to disagree with the fact that biker shorts only look good on tall, skinny girls. Even fashionistas should remember that such shorts visually shorten the legs, emphasizing the hips, and are very tight.

3. Light-colored suede shoes

When purchasing light-colored suede shoes, be prepared to take good care of them. Such shoes get dirty much faster than darker models and require thorough cleaning. After all, even a small speck can instantly ruin your entire image.

4. Nightgown dress

The dress, which is loved by many fashionistas, wrinkles easily, and even small stains are clearly visible on it. In addition, it will be very difficult to choose the right underwear because the thin, flowing fabric clings to the body.

5. A suit with shorts

Knee-length shorts can visually shorten your legs. Therefore, they are not a good idea for short girls. And in general, such a suit is not the most practical item – you will feel hot in summer and cold in winter. This type of attire can also be inappropriate for work.

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