6 Simple Tips That Make Your Skin Look 10 Years Younger

The secret of health and youth is known to everyone: proper nutrition and sports have always been the right choice. As a general rule, the result is always visible. However, the condition of your skin does not reveal only healthy or unhealthy lifestyles. He also tells us about small details that became our habits and that at first seemed harmless.

We recommend that you pay attention to 6 things that may seem harmless at first. However, in reality, they negatively affect the condition of your skin.

Beautiful And Youthful Skin

6. Sleeping Position

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When you sleep on your stomach, your head is turned to one side. This causes strain on the neck and shoulder muscles, as well as impaired blood supply to the brain. Dark circles and puffiness of the face are other unpleasant consequences of such a position. Try to sleep on your back or side, but not all the time. The same position can change the shape of your face.

Another useful habit for your skin is choosing the right pillow. If you sleep on a pillow that is too high, it disrupts blood flow and creates additional wrinkles on your neck. Choose a pillow so that your neck is straight during sleep and your chin does not touch your chest.

5. Not Using Sunglasses

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Proper sun protection is the secret to healthy skin. Also, the skin around the eyes is very thin, so it wrinkles easily when you squint in bright light. For this reason, it is the norm to always wear sunglasses on sunny days, even in winter.

4. Talking on the Phone

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When you hold the phone between your ear and shoulder, it causes wrinkles in the neck and “sagging” of the cheek. If you usually talk on the phone, choose a headset or hands-free.

3. Leaning Your Chin on Your Hand

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When you’re sitting at your computer or reading, if you’re in the habit of holding your chin in your hand, try to do it less often. The facial skin becomes less elastic in this position and begins to flow with the appearance of premature wrinkles.

2. Long Hot Shower

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Although a hot bath relaxes you well, if you take them too often, they can affect your skin. This is because the top layer is destroyed, which in turn causes dryness and exfoliation of the skin. This is why you should try not to overdo it with hot water when you shower.

1. Using the Ac

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Air conditioners remove moisture from the air and dry it. As a result, the skin becomes drier and therefore prone to damage. That is why you should not forget to hydrate it well and not depend on air conditioning all the time.

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