4 Ways to Heal a Burnt Tongue After Eating Hot Food

It turns out that both the cheeks and the throat have taste buds. But when we burn our tongue, the extra taste buds are useless and we have to taste food differently. This pain leaves us no choice but to feverishly seek immediate soothing remedies. Fortunately, there are some solutions that can provide immediate relief without emptying your pockets.

We at Here Were know this struggle well because we also love hot food. That’s why we decided to discover some interesting ways to treat a burnt tongue and we’d love for you to learn from us.

4. Rinse your tongue with a salty solution.

Rinse with a mixture of cold water and salt. You can also gently swish the solution around your mouth before spitting it out. A salt water rinse has an antiseptic effect.

3. Dip your tongue into milk.

Milk has a coating ability that can help relieve pain quickly. Dip your tongue in cold milk and wait a while until you feel better. You can repeat this procedure as soon as you feel the pain in your mouth again. Milk provides a special coating that water cannot, so whenever you have the option, choose milk.

2. Squeeze juice from an aloe plant.

Aloe is a natural healer recommended for treating first and second-degree burns. It can significantly reduce burn healing time and provide some comfort from the first application. Simply squeeze aloe vera juice directly onto your tongue and let it sit.

1. Lick some chocolate or sugar.

Granulated sugar is known to be used to treat difficult-to-heal wounds. This will help alleviate the initial irritating pain. Place granulated sugar on your tongue and press it against the roof of your mouth. You can also use any product that contains sugar, such as a popsicle or chocolate bar.

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