13 Ancient Beauty Secrets That Are Useful Even Today

Women have sought beauty since time immemorial. Today we bring you many of the secrets that have proven their worth over time.

13. Olive oil

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The ancients called this product “golden” and with good reason: olive oil is now the base of various creams, shampoos and balms for the skin and hair.

12. Baths

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The women of ancient Rome spent many hours in their baths, talking about comfort and exchanging hot water for cold.

11. Aromatherapy massage


Massage has always been a favorite of many beautiful women, and when scent balms and oils are added, the session is a dream come true.

10. Textured fabric instead of a scrub

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When a scrub isn’t handy (or hasn’t been invented yet), a washcloth is perfectly designed to remove dead skin cells.

9. Sugaring


No one knows whose idea to use sugar for hair removal was, but it is thousands of years old. Women loved it for its long-lasting effect.

8. Rosehip and cream balm


Fragrance roses, cream for the softest skin there is. This recipe is as simple as it is brilliant.

7. Honey masks


Honey also has numerous beauty qualities known for millennia. Anti-cellulite massage, for example, is very easy to perform: just apply a little honey to the affected area, press the palm of your hand against it, remove your hand, and repeat.

6. Henna and Basma

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Women have long used henna and Basma in various proportions to make their hair strong, healthy, and the color they want.

5. Egg masks

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Women have long used henna and Basma in various proportions to make their hair strong, healthy, and the color they want.

4. Cabbage leaves

This trick has been used by nursing mothers for hundreds of years. The properties of cabbage leaves to relieve pain and inflammation make them soothing for mothers when applied directly to the breasts.

3. Sour cream


This was perhaps discovered by accident when someone washed a plate of cream and found that their hands were soft and tender the next day. If you have any, feel free to use it every day.

2. Lemon juice


If henna and Basma make your hair red or dark, lemon juice and the sun brighten it. When the blonde is in fashion, it’s always this recipe that comes first and has been that way for centuries.

1. Clay


Clay is indispensable for any woman. Radiant skin, strong hair, smooth problem areas, and no cellulite – clay has worked wonders since ancient times.

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