14 Beauty Myths That Make Us Look Worse

Beauty requires sacrifice, and to remain beautiful, we make those sacrifices willingly. However, it turns out that many common actions and beliefs to maintain a perfect appearance are actually not that necessary. In addition, many of them not only waste our time and money but also damage our appearance.

We wants to help you discover which myths you better stop believing in order to stay beautiful.

Myth #6: Everyday Makeup Is Harmful to the Skin.

In fact, it is not the makeup itself, but the act of neglecting proper removal before bed that damages the skin. The skin must have the opportunity to breathe and become oxygenated. During the day, modern cosmetics contain UV filters, moisturizing and protective properties that are useful as they can protect the skin from the aggressive impact of the environment.

Myth #5: Moisturizing Creams Don’t Prevent Wrinkles.

In fact, today many moisturizers fight the appearance of wrinkles. The main thing to keep in mind is that there should be UV filters and vitamins that contain antioxidants in the composition of the cream you use.

Myth #4: Cream Should Be Applied to the Face Working Upward.

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Many people are sure that there are special rules for applying creams to the face and that circular movements from the bottom up increase the effect of the cream. There are actually some rules on how to apply face creams, but these hand movements don’t make much sense.

Myth #3: One Should Drink a Lot of Water to Prevent Wrinkles.

The myth that water consumed regularly and in sufficient quantities slows down skin aging is very popular, but unfortunately it is not justified. As a general rule, the cells of the upper layer of the epidermis are already dead, so they do not absorb the moisture inside.

Myth #2: It’s Helpful to Warm Acne in the Sun — This Process Dries Acne.

The sun actually dries the skin, but the skin reacts by secreting more oil that clogs the pores. In addition, prolonged exposure to the sun without protection can promote a sun allergy, which causes the appearance of blemishes.

Myth #1: Nail Polish Harms Nails Because It Prevents Them From Breathing.

Nails are dead cells. If the nail plate breathed, the polish would not stay on it due to the increased humidity. Nails don’t require oxygen, their nutrition passes through the capillaries in the area under the cuticle.

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