6 Beauty Products You’ve Been Using Wrong

This has probably happened to you before: some over-the-top beauty product made your skin look like the Sahara desert, and a mask called “moisturizer” made it even drier than before. But that doesn’t mean you should get rid of all the beauty products you own. Perhaps all you need to do is change the way you use some of the products.

It is eager to talk about the most popular beauty mistakes you could be making.

6. You Use Wipes to Remove Makeup Every Day.

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Is there something more convenient? You take off your makeup and forget about it. But you can’t use wipes all the time – they don’t cleanse  your skin well enough. More than that, they are made of a rough material that irritates, dries and stretches the skin.

You should only use them when you don’t have access to water and a good cleanser. But for daily care, you need to use foaming gel and special cleansers.

5. You Think That Serums Can Be Used on Their Own.

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Serums should be applied before using a moisturizer. And it is best to do it at night, especially if the serum contains retinol. This will allow the skin to fully absorb the necessary nutrients. A mask will make you even more effective.

In summer, retinol-rich products can only be used together with sunscreen because they make the skin very sensitive to sunlight, which can lead to sunburn.

4. You Use Dry Sponges After Putting Foundation on.

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Most sponges, especially popular beauty blenders, need to be soaked. When they dry, they “eattoo much of the beauty product and don’t spread it evenly.

3. You Use Gels and Foaming Cleansers Only to Wash Off Makeup.

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Cleansers are much more useful if they are not only used to remove makeup at night but also in the morning. That way, you can remove sebum, dead skin cells, and all the dirt and sweat that remain on your skin overnight.

Also, it’s best to stop using scrubs and use acidic cleansers because harsh cleansing isn’t necessarily better than no cleanser.

2. You Keep a Mask on Overnight or Remove It Only After It Dries Completely.

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All types of face masks must be used according to the instructions. Do not leave the mask on overnight unless instructed to do so by the manufacturer; This can lead to serious skin problems.

Cloth masks should be removed before drying – if you don’t, the mask will begin to absorb moisture from your skin, making it drier. The same goes for clay facials: they should be applied in a thick layer so that the moisture evaporates more slowly. Remove them while they are still sticky.

1. You Don’t Wash Off Micellar Water.

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Micellar water is very similar to lotion, the only difference is that it does not contain alcohol. It contains other active ingredients (micelles) and any dirt they accumulate will remain on your face unless you wash it off with water.

Prolonged skin contact with the micellar water will cause the water to act like soap. This will cause irritation.

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