5 Clothing Items That Can Disfigure Anyone

Clothes can hide any imperfections, enhance your strong side, and even change your body proportions, making you look slimmer and taller. On the other hand, there are clothes that can make even model figures look ugly.

We have put together the articles that all women should avoid.

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5. Shortened Loose Pants

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Shorter baggy pants divide your silhouette, making your legs appear shorter. Also, the loose legs of the pants make your body look like a triangle.

If you want to have this garment in your wardrobe, you should choose the 7/8 trouser model, which opens the ankle wide and increases the length of the legs.

4. Striped Pants

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Striped pants are a very complicated garment in any wardrobe. Often the stripes around the hips and buttocks are stretched, making your body appear wider.

Opt for pants without rigid prints. On the other hand, some small graphic prints can hide small imperfections on the body. Also, this article can make you stand out from the crowd.

3. Pantsuits That Fit Poorly

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Usually girls look beautiful in suits. The rigidity of the textures emphasizes femininity and fragility.

The suit must strictly fit your measurements, not being too wide or too tight. Give preference to a suit in one color for a more harmonious look. And don’t forget to complete your look with stilettos to lengthen your legs.

2. Pants With Large Prints

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Printed pants can refresh and diversify any monochrome look. However, it is better to avoid large prints on the fabric, as they break the proportions of the silhouette and increase the legs.

Choose one-tone pants with colorful accents. For example, the black stripes on the sides will make your legs look slimmer.

1. Blouses With Large Prints

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A large print makes its body a square, making it visually heavier. Also, the print sometimes stretches or the fabric fits incorrectly, thus changing the body proportions.

It is better to give preference to monochrome blouses with an emphasis on the neck, for example. Or you can choose things with a small print on the sleeves or around the waist. This will help you look slimmer.

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