18 Genius Tricks for Girls You Can Use Every Day

Every woman knows how difficult it is to always be perfect and how much time and effort goes into it.

Fortunately, there are tricks that can make life easier for any woman. We have put together some of the most valuable hacks to help you look like a million dollars.

Mascara will conceal growing hair roots.


Women who dye their hair dark know how bad growing roots look. You can deal with this problem with the help of mascara – just apply it to the roots.

Natural curls can be achieved without tongs.

To make natural-looking waves in your hair, you don’t need special clips. You can twist dry hair and heat it with a hair dryer. If you have thick hair, you will need more than one twist.

A pencil is good for curling hair.

Another lifespan hack for your hair: If you don’t have round curlers, roll your hair with a pencil and heat each strand with an iron.

A tissue won’t let your hair electrify.

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If you put a tissue on your brush, it will stop accumulating hair. This also helps avoid electrified locks after styling.

Starch will solve the greasy hair issue.

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Many women have trouble getting their hair greasy too quickly. However, few know that it is easy to fix: your hair will stay clean longer if you apply starch or talc to the roots.

A toothbrush will add volume to your hair.

You can add volume to your hair without special shampoos or difficult hairstyles. Simply comb layer by layer with a toothbrush, from the ends to the roots. The change will be obvious.

Lavender oil will give you luxurious eyelashes.

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Two drops of lavender oil added to mascara will help separate and lengthen lashes. It is worth mentioning that lavender oil also accelerates hair growth, so you will be pleasantly surprised after using this mask for a few days.

Scotch tape will help with eye makeup.

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Use masking tape as a guide to applying eye makeup, making it several times faster. To make the tape less harmful to the sensitive skin on your face, apply it to your hand first and then remove it.

A Q-tip turns everyday makeup into an evening look.

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To quickly turn your daily natural makeup into an evening, just shade the eyeliner with a cotton swab. Then add your favorite colors to the image.

Your makeup brush can change its shape.


To apply quality makeup, it is not necessary to buy all kinds of brushes. This brush can be wide if you fix it or narrow if you fix it with an elastic band.

Forget all about lipstick on your teeth.

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The lipstick on the inside of the lips stains the teeth and spoils your smile. Remove excess lipstick by sticking your finger, pencil, or even a spoon in your mouth and scooping it out with your lips closed. The lipstick that you don’t need will stay on it.

Aspirin will strengthen your hair and get rid of red spots.

An aspirin rubs the skin and helps remove red spots. Take some pills, soak them in a little water, apply them to your face and wash them off in five minutes.

The same goes for your hair: crush two aspirin tablets and mix them with your favorite shampoo. Wash your hair as usual, and it will soon be stronger, shinier, and dandruff-free.

A Band-Aid can fix your earrings in place.

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Earrings on the hook are never in the same place and constantly rotate. To fix them in place, glue the tip of the hook to the inside of the earlobe with a bandage.

Bra wires can also be concealed with Band-Aids.

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The spring string from a bra can damage the skin and cause painful injuries. To protect yourself, tape a bandage to the broken part of the bra to hold the sharp metal.

Antiseptic will solve your sweat issues.

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Deodorant doesn’t always completely hide the smell of sweat. An unpleasant odor may occur due to the spread of bacteria. You can avoid this by applying a little antiseptic to your armpits or any other problem area.

Hair spray will prevent sliding off your feet.

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Choosing the perfect shoes is an almost impossible task: they will irritate and have a slit in the back. To solve the last problem, simply apply a hairspray on the soles of your feet and you won’t let them slide forward.

Use freshly ground coffee as a scrub.

Everyone knows that using coffee to exfoliate dead skin cells is a good idea. However, many girls rub themselves with used coffee powder. In fact, it is more effective to use fresh coffee. It is rich in caffeine that lifts the skin and antioxidants that help nourish it. After all, freshly brewed coffee leaves a pleasant smell on the skin after washing off the crumbs.

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