4 Exercises to Lose Chubby Cheeks and Get a Defined Face

When it comes to exercise, we often neglect our face. Cheeks, like any other part of our body, also need exercise to stay in shape. While genetics play a big role in whether or not we’re blessed with Angelina Jolie’s defined cheekbones, regular facial exercise goes a long way.

Here Were have prepared an 4-step routine to help you transform your chubby cheeks into a more defined face.

1. The Duck Face

We start by working the core muscles of the cheeks. Purse your lips and open and close your mouth. Make sure you push your lips out and tense your face so your muscles work.

Repeat: 15 times

2. The Half Cringe

Just as the name suggests, imagine something really embarrassing. Push one corner of your mouth back while tensing your neck muscles. You’re doing it right if you can see the lines on your neck in the mirror.

Repeat: 15 times

3. The Fish Face

Everyone knows how to make this funny face. Suck in your cheeks and purse your lips. Then, tilt your head back and imagine yourself extending your chin toward the ceiling to further stretch your neck and chin.

Duration: Hold for 10 seconds, 15 times

4. Jaw Dropper

This is not only a great lift but also an effective cheek fat burner. Push your tongue against the back of your lower front teeth and lower your jaw as far as you can.

Repeat: 15 times

Bonus: Tongue Posture

Our tongue can have bad posture, just like our body. Incorrect tongue posture can even affect the appearance of our face, giving, for example, the appearance of a double chin and a plumper face.

Make sure that when you rest, your tongue and teeth are in the correct position. Your tongue should rest against the roof of your mouth and your teeth should lightly touch.

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