10 secret tricks for gorgeous lashes

It’s no secret that the success of female seduction lies in part in her long, thick lashes. If a woman wears mascara, a few strokes are enough to help her create a unique and desirable image.

It reveals 15 little-known tricks that will help make your appearance irresistible.

For stronger eyelashes

  • Apply olive oil or coconut oil to your eyelashes with a mascara brush 10 minutes before applying makeup. Now, you will protect your lashes from the negative effects of chemical elements in cosmetics.
  • The consumption of vitamin E and biotin facilitates the growth of eyelashes and hair in general.
  • Even if you use the highest quality mascara, it still contains chemical components. Give your makeup lashes a break at least once or twice a week. This will facilitate its natural renewal.

Eyelash makeup secrets

  • Wipe off excess mascara from brush with tissue; This will help prevent lumps.
  • Place your mascara tube in a glass of warm water so that the product heats up and becomes homogeneous. It will also break up clumps.
  • Dip a dessert spoon in warm water, let it dry and use it while applying the mascara, as shown in the picture. You will not smudge your eyelids with mascara.
  • Use an eyelash curler, as usual, but try to apply the mascara at the same time so that your lashes are curved and your eyes don’t get dirty.
  • Bend your mascara brush 90 degrees. It is much easier to maneuver like this.
  • Add a few drops of saline or olive oil to your mascara to make it look the same as when it was new.
  • Cover the lashes with the mascara by first holding the brush in a horizontal position and then immediately repeat the process with vertical movements to separate the lashes. This will make them look longer and flawless.

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