6 Things a Woman Who Respects Herself Won’t Skimp On

When a woman loves and values ​​herself, she doesn’t skimp on buying quality things. Also, cheap items can be detrimental not only to self-esteem but also to health. For example, a cheap mattress can ruin your posture, which is harder to correct than just buying a good mattress. And an old phone case can ruin a well-thought-out look … the list is endless.

We compiled a list of common things that no self-respecting woman should try to save money on.

6. A Good Mattress

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A poorly chosen mattress can become a cause of chronic fatigue, and this is counterintuitive when considering the hectic schedules of modern women. In addition, it can lead to poor posture.

Manufacturers and doctors recommend changing the mattress every 8 years because it becomes too soft and loose and cannot adequately support the natural S-shaped curve of the spine.

How to choose a mattress correctly:

  • A semi-firm model is a good option for most people.
  • If you have no trouble sleeping, choose a mattress made of memory foam; provides comfort in any position as it adapts to the shape of your body. If you are one of those people who fidgets tossing and turning in your sleep, a firmer mattress will be a better option.

5. Thermal Underwear

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They will help you look great even in the coldest seasons. Plus, you won’t have to wear a lot of layers to stay warm. We believe thermal underwear is a long-term investment in beauty and health.

The model choice depends on your needs:

  • If you have an inactive lifestyle, choose wool underwear or wool underwear that saves heat.
  • Moisture-wicking models made of synthetic materials are good for vigorous physical activity. They will also help prevent overcooling.
  • Mixed options are suitable for city life. For example, one- or two-layer synthetic underwear with a thin layer of wool or with a small percentage of wool in the composition.

It is important to choose the size correctly. Thermal underwear should be snug and not too tight or too baggy. The size directly affects how warm you will feel.

4. Water

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It is dangerous to drink tap water that has not been boiled, but at the same time the heat treatment “kills” the water due to the salting-out process. It causes minerals to settle to the bottom, resulting in the loss of about half of their beneficial properties.

Buy bottled water in stores or go to a confirmed natural source outside of town. Good water is a fundamental contribution to your health.

3. Good Quality Desserts

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Women like to pamper themselves with treats, but store-bought chocolates and other sweets aren’t that great. They are not only bad for our figure, but also for our gastric mucosa. The chemicals found in regular pay-line chocolate negatively affect the skin and reduce the sensitivity of our taste buds.

Therefore, it is better to take care of your health in the long term than to allow yourself a momentary weakness. If you can’t cut out sweets entirely, enjoy visits to high-quality restaurants or patisseries every now and then. Pounds of cheap edible candy don’t compare to a good, high-quality piece of cake.

2. Hand Care

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Well-groomed hands are a clear indicator of how much a woman cares about herself. In addition to many other factors, this part of the body indicates the actual age of a woman.

Taking care of your hands is not just about buying expensive creams. There are other things you shouldn’t try to save money on, like not wearing gloves to clean and protect yourself from the cold. Also, avoid very cold or very hot water; Washing your hands at these temperatures can cause microcracks to appear.

1. Makeup Foundation

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When choosing a foundation, remember that it should enhance the natural beauty and not overlap it. A cheap foundation clogs pores, dries them out, or, conversely, makes the skin very oily. Also, cheap cosmetics do not allow you to choose the correct structure and color of the product, depending on the condition and problems of your skin.

A good quality foundation can not only even out your skin, it can also protect it from the negative impact of the environment. One tube of foundation is usually enough to last 6 months, which means that the monthly cost of an expensive foundation will not be that high.

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