4 Shower Mistakes That Affect Your Health

According to statistics, we all spend about 1.5 years of our lives in the toilet. And we spent about 6 months bathing. There is nothing surprising in this fact because hygiene plays a very important role in our lives. But few people know that there are some things we do wrong in the shower.

HereWere has compiled the 12 most common mistakes everyone makes when taking a shower.

Mistake № 1. We don’t take a shower after a workout.

12 Shower Mistakes That Affect Your Health

Some people think the only reason they should shower right after a workout is because of the smell. But there are actually other reasons: sweat stimulates the production of bacteria on the skin that can cause rashes. Therefore, we recommend that you shower as soon as possible.

Mistake № 2. We shave our legs before having a pedicure done.

12 Shower Mistakes That Affect Your Health

Do not shave your legs before going for a pedicure. You can get an infection from minor scratches on your feet.

Mistake № 3. We don’t take contrast showers.

12 Shower Mistakes That Affect Your Health

Just before finishing the shower, turn on the cold water for 30 seconds. It will increase your resistance to stress, strengthen your immune system and work as an antidepressant. But do not forget that taking a contrast shower before bedtime can cause insomnia.

Mistake № 4. We take a shower and wash our hair every day.

12 Shower Mistakes That Affect Your Health

People with thin or weak hair should avoid washing their hair every day. The best cadence for washing your hair is twice a week so that the moisture in your hair is balanced.

Also, don’t forget that showering too often irritates and dehydrates the skin, as water kills good bacteria. This can increase your chances of getting a skin infection.

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